German Friendship Cake


I recently caught up with some of my best girlfriends in the city during our lunch break from work. At the end of our hour together one of my friends handed the three of us a plastic container with a few cups full of what looked like gloopy cake batter. She said it was ‘Herman’, the German friendship cake which we were to take home and ‘lovingly take care of’ for 10 days before baking.

I took my little container home and thought it would be a great activity to do with the kids. On the morning of the 10th day (should have been the 9th according to the instructions – oops!) I ‘fed’ Herman and later that afternoon, separated it out into four portions for friends, and then baked my portion into a lovely apple and raisin cake.


The instructions for the cake, and what to do with your sourdough starter, can be found on the official Herman the German Friendship Cake website. It is a great resource for not only the instructions but for recipes and frequently asked questions. With your starter you can make not only lots of different flavoured cakes but muffins, breads and rolls too.

I am super keen to receive another starter and perhaps bake some bread next time. The experience has certainly made me more interested in fermenting and bread making in general.


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