Sometimes its nice not to cook . . . Try Menulog and order from over 3,500 restaurants!


I’ll say it plain and simple. I’m not a mum who cooks every night of the week. Our family might order takeaway some nights, and others we eat out. One night a week we eat at my mum’s. Usually I’ll be cooking 4-5 nights a week with Mr SR usually cooking on a Sunday.

Sometimes, its nice not to cook. Its nice having someone else cook for you, usually something you wouldn’t dare cook at home because of the complexity of the recipe or the uniqueness of the ingredients.

On the nights we have takeaway Mr SR will pick up a roast chicken and hot chips on the way home from work, or perhaps a yiros. Often we’ll order pizza over the phone.

Ordering online seemed a little scary for me, until Menulog asked if I’d be interested in trying out their service. They threw in a $30 voucher so, how could I say no?

Ordering food via Menulog is dead easy. The website is highly intuitive; the home page is clean and simple and all you do to begin your experience is type in your location/suburb and it takes you to a list of restaurants that deliver to your area. You can then filter the list, for example, by cuisine if you are feeling peckish for perhaps Chinese or Italian. Your list of restaurants includes handy information such as ratings on speed of delivery and quality of service/food, and restaurant opening times and minimum order cost.

Once your restaurant is chosen you are presented with menu items to select from. Dishes are categorised into groups such as entree/starters, mains, drinks and dessert. You simply click on a dish you’d like and the selected dish is added to your order summary on the right of the screen.

When your dishes are chosen you can select pick up or delivery and then move on to placing your order by entering your details and specifying whether you’d like the order straight away or at a later time. This step also takes you to the payment gateway.

I found ordering through Menulog simple, quick and painless. Once I’d placed my order I received an SMS with an estimated delivery time. I felt confident that my food would arrive (even though Mr SR had reservations!) and it did, albeit 15 minutes late.

I will definitely use Menulog again for its convenience. I’m not sure about you but if you’re a little bit tech savvy like me and prefer to interact with a device rather than someone over the phone, then Menulog will be your friend.


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