Appliances Online’s 8th Birthday Cake Decorating Class


I don’t take myself too seriously as a food blogger. I know I’m not the best writer in the world, and my photos are barely average. I blog because I enjoy it. I like having something of ‘mine’ out there in the universe, and I like the idea that I’m collecting family recipes my children may one day treasure.

When I was invited to a ‘media event for bloggers’ I was blown away. I was sure the invitation was a fraud. I tentatively rsvp’d my attendance, thanking my lucky stars that it was being held on my day off, and that husband dearest was going to be home to watch the kids.

The event was a cake decorating course to launch a cake decorating competition for Appliances Online’s 8th birthday. Myself and fellow bloggers went along to the Adelaide Chocolate School to be taught a few nifty tricks with fondant by Belinda from Metro Designer Cakes. We decorated a cake-version of one of four small appliances that you’ll find on Appliances Online’s website – a Sunbeam blender, a Breville juicer, a Tefal fresh express food processor, and a Morphy Richards toaster.


It was a fun morning learning a few more techniques with fondant (as you know, I’ve used it before), meeting face to face some fellow Adelaide bloggers and, as any mother would attest, being spoilt with coffee, cupcakes and some ‘me’ time. The highlight of the morning though was being gifted one of the appliances! My ‘lucky dip’ selection was the Tefal fresh express food processor! (which I actually ended up donating to a charity kitchen)

It is a nice feeling to know that my blog is being read, and that because of it, I can be invited to fun events like this one. The experience reinvigorates my interest in blogging and my determination in making my blog the best it can be.


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