Homemade Hot Dog/Hamburger Buns


My confidence with dough is improving and I feel I could make any yeasted delight (because let’s face it – anything with yeast is delightful! This is coming from a total carbaholic!)

One lazy Thursday (my week-day off) I decided to give hot dog buns a try, because I had some frankfurts in the fridge and my kids simply love hot dogs.


I found a recipe on the net thanks to King Arthur Flour and was excited to finally use the dough hook on my KitchenAid.

The recipe was easy. I did watch a quick tutorial on YouTube on how to roll them neatly but in the end I didn’t bother. I just formed them into a ball and stretched them out into a rectangular shape. Once baked, the buns were silky soft on the inside and lovely and golden on the outside. The sesame seeds didn’t seem to adhere but perhaps next time I’ll glaze them with butter.


Like my no-knead bread, making these buns was exhilarating. I don’t know what it is but bread baking just seems to tap in to my inner European housewife, plus knowing exactly what is in the product is very satisfying. A few days later I couldn’t resist using the same recipe to make hamburger rolls. Amazing!

I won’t retype the recipe as I followed it to the letter. If you’ve got the time (and all you need is a few hours) give these a try!


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