Homemade Donuts


I made donuts for me the kids a few weeks back, but a healthier version. These I cooked in our Airfryer, so no oil touched these babies. You could very easily bake them in your oven also.

We bought the Airfryer some months ago and use it around two to three times a week. We cook chicken (thighs and drumsticks), meatballs, crumbed fish, pastry items like pastizzis and homemade sausage rolls, chips and fries and vegetables like potatoes, broccoli and carrots. I’ve even cooked sliced steak for fajitas.


My kids enjoy getting an iced donut from the bakery so I didn’t have to try hard to get them to help me. Because I didn’t have the right size cutters to make traditional donut shapes, we used our cookie cutters and made dinosaurs, the Batman symbol, flowers and gingerbread men shapes, then decorated them with strawberry flavoured icing (glaze) and sprinkles.

The recipe made a huge amount and we couldn’t eat them all in the one day. I stored them in an airtight container on my kitchen bench until the next day but they were so chewy I had to bin them. That’s what you get with no preservatives!

I found this recipe on Pinterest. The original recipe is by Raspberri Cupcakes, with Airfryer instructions by The Sticky and Sweet.


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