No Knead Pizza Dough


If you follow me on Instagram or are a fan of my Sweet Ravioli page on Facebook, then you would have been seeing a lot of photos of my no knead bread. I am in love with the technique and in love with the quality of the bread. If I don’t make it at least once a week, I feel like I’ve missed something. (As a side note, I’ve been adding a few drizzles of extra virgin olive oil to my dough and its giving the bread a lovely flavour).

There was then, a natural progression for me to give the no knead pizza dough a try.

I searched the internet and, as usually happens, I found an easy-to-follow recipe over at a blog called Handle the Heat, rather than sticking with the original recipe by Jim Lahey, the recipe’s creator (also the creator of no knead bread – obviously).

Firstly, I was worried I didn’t have a pizza stone to use. Second, I was cautious of letting my kids help out due to having to pre-heat oven trays. In the end, the trays were fine (I still got a crispy base), and they didn’t stay hot after 30 seconds out of the oven, so the kids could pile on their toppings without my fear of them getting burnt!

I did find the dough a little difficult to stretch and thin out. There was no shrinkage, but it was very delicate and I had to be careful of not creating holes in the base, or of bursting those beautiful air bubbles.

I was so impressed with the result – chewy, crispy and delicious. Next time I might add some honey to the dough (an idea I got from Pinterest), and I will definitely work on getting those edges a little thinner.

I followed the recipe here at Handle the Heat and you can too!


3 thoughts on “No Knead Pizza Dough

  1. You probably can Fran. I’m new to working with dough so the science behind it is foreign to me. Maybe give it a try?

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