No Knead Bread


Sounds easy, doesn’t it? The idea of making bread without having to put in any elbow grease? It was appealing to me, until I started to think about the logistics of actually following through with the recipe. What time should I start? Could I have it fresh for breakfast or lunch? Where is the warmest spot in my kitchen? I tell you, I had to sit down somewhere quiet, with a pad and pen and concoct a strategic plan for this damn bread.

But it was worth it. Trust me. Give it a go. If you love chewy, crusty, airy Italian bread, do it.

My husband thinks I’m the bread queen. My children, who actually aren’t excited by bread like hubby and I, were practically ripping off chunks and eating it without butter.


I would make this bread every day if I could, but for someone like me who is not home each and every day, it’s impossible. That’s probably a good thing. Too much bread isn’t great for one’s waist line, and even though my husband LOVES artisan bread, he is yeast intolerant.

You’ll find the recipe over at Gourmet Girlfriend, but there’s a nice step by step method over at a blog by the name of Beekman1802.


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