Mars Bar Slice


Mars Bar Slice takes me back to the 80s. Like I’ve mentioned in a previous post, slices were a big part of family gatherings on my mother’s side. I’m not too sure who it was that used to make this one – perhaps my Nana, or an aunt, or even my Mum, but I always enjoyed it, probably because it contained Mars Bars and Rice Bubbles! Oh, and extra chocolate. Of course.

I had a go at making this for an Easter picnic. Unfortunately, the picnic was cancelled due to rain, so I had a huge slab of this slice lying around for a few days, before taking it to work because I was starting to feel ill every time I saw chocolate, thanks to the copious amounts my children received from family and the Easter Bunny 😉

There are many sites around the inter-webs spruiking this delectable recipe. I noticed a few of them contained golden syrup and/or marshmallows, which would be interesting to try another time. I settled on this recipe here from Kidspot.

Mars Bar Slice

90g butter, chopped
255g Mars Bars, roughly chopped (this works out to be about 4 x 53g bars)
3 cups Rice Bubbles
200g milk chocolate, roughly chopped
50g dark chocolate, roughly chopped

Line a slice tin with baking paper and set aside.

In a glass bowl, place butter and Mars Bars. Heat in the microwave for 1 1/2 minutes on medium. Give it a stir to ensure the butter and Mars Bars are well mixed.

Pour one cup of Rice Bubbles at a time into the butter/Mars Bar mixture, stirring between each cup.

Press into the slice tin with the back of a large metal spoon. Set aside.

Combine the milk chocolate and dark chocolate in a glass bowl and microwave for 1 minute. Give it a stir for 30 seconds. Heat for 20 seconds more if it doesn’t become smooth and creamy.

Pour the melted chocolate over the Rice Bubbles mixture and spread evenly.

Place tin in the fridge until chocolate hardens. When ready to cut, lift the slab out of the tray and place on a cutting board. Cut into squares with a large sharp knife.

Keeps for a long time in the fridge!


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