Teddy Racing Cars

Teddy Racing Cars

This is a quick, fun treat you can put together for a birthday party or play date. There is obviously not a lot of cooking involved, unless you count whipping up the icing required to stick the ‘wheels’ on the cars!

My kids loved these, as did their play mates!

Teddy Racing Cars

Inspired by Pinterest

12 fun-size Milky Ways
Tiny Teddys biscuits
Icing sugar
Hot water

Unwrap all of your Milky Ways and lay them on a board or work space. Count out enough Tiny Teddys for each Milky Way and cut their legs off (sorry Teds).

Make your icing by combining the icing sugar and hot water. You want the consistency of thick cream.

Dab a bit of icing onto an M&M and stick to the side of a Milky Way, repeating until you have four ‘wheels’. Put some icing where Ted’s legs used to be and stick to the top surface of the Milky Way.

Refrigerate until wheels and Teds are firm.

You could use half an M&M or half a life saver to make a steering wheel if you like.


One thought on “Teddy Racing Cars

  1. Oh these are adorable and such a cute and easy idea for a kids party! I’m pulling out these babies at the next (big) kids party! 🙂

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