An Out of the Ordinary Work Lunch


Not all blog posts have to be about fancy food, do they? Because this one certainly isn’t. Most importantly, it’s about yummy food, even if it may be a little offbeat (and lacking in nutritional content!) Here we have fresh bread rolls smothered with organic (why not?) salted butter and stuffed with Twisties and/or potato chips. You don’t need a recipe now, do you?

How did this wacky lunch come about? I arrived at work on Wednesday and was promptly invited to join my colleagues for a lunch of Twisties rolls. My first question was ‘er, really?’ And was told that one workmate had proclaimed to another that she’d never had a Twisties roll before and thought it was time she tried it. So the very next day, after a little discussion on who was bringing what, the kitchen was stocked with fresh bread rolls, a block of organic butter and several packets of Twisties and, for those who preferred them, potato chips. Oh, and a few blocks of chocolate, because why go all healthy for dessert?

My memories of eating this particular sandwich filling go back to both high school (when we’d stuff our Ash Wednesday bread rolls with potato chips or other snacks!) and to being a child, when on the odd day Mum would have a fresh bag of rolls that she’d lather up with butter and vegemite and then pile on potato chips. A whole lot of weird, but delicious!


I know there are a lot of weird sandwich combos out there. Mine is definitely potato chips with vegemite. What’s your oddball combo?



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